Tom and Charon Caldwell make America's best-riding saddles ... bar none!
Tom and Charon Caldwell make America's best-riding saddles ... bar none!

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We are going strong and production is running 8 months for an order!
Be sure to keep an eye on our inventory page as we are always adding new and used saddles!


There is only one place to get a Genuine Caldwell SaddleTM

Any time a product stands out from the competition someone tries to copy it. They may even try to lure talent away from the originator. Such is the case with knock-offs of our saddles and I want to take a moment to clarify a few things.

We have never taught anyone to build trees or saddles. No one has ever worked for us building saddles and then gone out on their own to build saddles. We had a person who worked in the office and did minor jobs, but they did not build trees or saddles. Tom and I are the only saddle makers here. We keep it that way in order to control quality of workmanship. He and I actually build the saddles. We don't just sit in the office while others do the work. 

A couple of people have sent some of our trees to a saddle maker in Texas to have them copied. I like the look of these better than a lot of others out there but I have noted that there are still some tree issues but maybe not as great a problem as some other companies. In the end though they are what they are. Cheap copies. They are not the same leather, tree, nor quality of workmanship. They are not their designs and they are not built by anyone who used to work here. If you cannot afford one of ours, buy theirs. Just be aware that you are buying the $100 Rolex version of a Genuine Caldwell that will not hold its value. 

The cost of a Genuine Caldwell Saddle is directly related to the quality of materials and true hands-on craftsmanship that go into every one. We use only the best and you shouldn't settle for less. We are not making huge profits for our expert workmanship and knowledge. These copies probably have a much greater mark-up and profit. If you have one and want to trade it in to us we will give you what they are really worth.

There is only one Genuine Caldwell Saddle and only one place to purchase one custom made for you, your horse, and your riding preferences. Call, email, or stop by to learn more about the differences between a Genuine Caldwell Saddle and all the others.

    Welcome to Caldwell Saddle Company, makers of fine performance saddles. We've been at this skilled art for decades. Tom and Charon Caldwell are long-time participants in reining and cutting events, and Charon is a frequent instructor at training seminars throughout the south. Each saddle we sell is custom-built to fit the rider, the horse, and the task at hand.

    Our products are geared to the working horse and rider: cutters, reiners, barrel racers, team penners, and ropers. We've divided our products into several areas of interest. Because they must be tailored to the intended usage, saddles, bits, and stirrups are treated separately from tack and personal items.

    In addition, there's an area where we provide factual information regarding equipment fit, materials, hardware considerations, and other areas of interest and concern to the riding enthusiast. As well as custom saddles, we do custom headstalls and breast collars. Although we carry over a hundred pairs of spurs and three hundred bits, we also have custom bit and spur makers who can make anything that you require.

    Quality repair, restoration, and replication is constantly done in our shop. Because we are trained in the Sheridan style of tooling we can duplicate any tooling you like for your new chaps, spur straps, bridles or breast collars to match your existing saddles of any type.

    This wonderful web site is designed to help you get to know us as well as to find what you need; however, it is not designed to take the place of our customer services. 

    We stock much more than is shown currently, both in sizes, colors and variations. If you don't see what you want,  call us at 706-886-0314 or email ... chances are we've got it. Tom Caldwell Charon Caldwell



Caldwell's trainer, Mack Odom riding Haidas Cat Can Do

Caldwell's trainer, Mack Odom riding Playwell


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