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If you want to keep your Caldwell or other valued saddle looking like new and retaining its value, send it in for a clean-up every few years! Racers are $200.00 and large saddles are $300.00.

The pictures below are of the same two saddles. The one on the left is a light oil saddle, and the one on the right is the same saddle that has been heavy oiled with our Miracle Juice Leather Oil. What a difference it makes!

REPAIRS are a part of every saddle's life. Sometimes those repairs are minor, and sometimes just enough is done to get a bit more life out of the saddle.

But when a real restoration is required, whether on a fine painting or a saddle, an expert is needed. We bring the same expertise to saddle restoration that we bring to building new saddles.

While every restoration presents a different problem, the examples below show what we were able to do in two specific cases.

Call us for quotes on CLEANING, RESTORATION, REPAIR, and REPLICATION. Repairs are completed in a timely manner.  Many simple repairs can be made while you wait.

We provide REPLACEMENT FENDERS whether performance or roper style, priced from $185 up.


• Duplicate any tooling pattern
• Rebuild a saddle from the tree up
• Clean and restore that old saddle to just like new

All this for less than you might expect ... call or e-mail us for a quote on your specific need.

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